Twelve proposals for an emerging Senegal

Daring: this key word, in the author's understanding, aims to alert consciences as a tocsin at the first hours of a decisive battle, that which will bring Africa, a new Africa, into the "Mainstream" . The shockwave of its twelve proposals for the emergence of Senegal will vibrate throughout Africa.

Babacar Ndiaye - Honorary Director of the AF.D.B.


1. Daring the future differently        2. Daring to commence with audacity        3. Daring a positive economic discrimination        4. Daring an education forum and a digital revolution        5. Daring english as second official language        6. Daring compulsory military and civic service        7. Daring a new urbanisation and a new decentralisation        8. Daring good governance        9. Daring agriculture otherwise        10. Daring together with the diaspora        11. Daring solar energy        12. Daring a new social pact       


Twelve proposals for an emerging Senegal.

Architect-engineer, the author proposes 12 avenues of reflection to make of Senegal an emergent country intervening in different fields of the political, economic, cultural and social life: education, the military service, agriculture, urbanization , ICTs etc ...
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Pierre Atepa GOUDIABY


Senegalese architect, after studying science, he opted for the architecture he will have to carry out in New York within the prestigious "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute" where he will obtain a diploma of engineer in sciences of construction, then a degree in architecture.

Honoré DE SUMO

Journaliste - Editeur

Editor of the monthly magazine "Presse de la Nation" and also editor of "Editions Continentales", which have just published the autobiography of Mrs. Hinda Déby Itno, First Lady of Chad, and has previously published "My share of truth" by Winnie Mandela.

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